Designer Cakes

We love making PERSONALISED designer cakes as they are what delicious memories are made of! They are what conversations are made of! They are what make a lovely show-stopper. And, we promise you a lovely show-stopper cake which will be the talk of the party and will be remembered as a delicious memory! And whats better, we will deliver this cake to your door for Free in Manchester.


Each of the cakes has been designed and created as per the customers requirements and the theme. The cake is designed and re-designed carefully, until you are happy even before confirmation of the order.

We create neat, elegant, wacky, cute, floral, cartoon, romantic designs; whatever brings a smile on your face :)


We aim to create a unique cake, as unique as YOU; So, if you need help in creating a unique personalized design , just drop us a line. Alternatively, trust us and we can create an exclusive and gorgeous cake for you which not just tastes lovely but looks great.