Chiffon Fresh Fruit Cakes

Fresh fruit chiffon cakes


Our chiffon cakes are extremely moist melt in the mouth cakes layered with fresh cream, peaches and pineapples in each of the four layers.

The cakes can be topped with fresh fruits of your choice, chocolate dipped fruits and a choice of sides on the cakes.

We use fresh diary cream and fruits topped onto the cake minutes before delivery!

We add absolutely no artificial flavourings, no additives, no stabilisers, no preservatives.

These Chiffon cakes have diary cream, so they are best eaten fresh on the same day of purchase and stored in fridge to be consumed for no longer than 1-2 days.


Fresh fruit chiffon cakes price guide

8 inch cake(approx 20 servings)- £25
9 inch cake (approx 25 servings)-£30

A personal message can be added for a small charge of £1.


You can now create your own chiffon cake and get it delivered to your door. Simply log on to the ‘buy a chiffon cake’ page and make your choices.

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We can even make the fresh cream in any theme or make it special with an elaborate cake board and decorations. Any extras such as images, flowers or a model on cakes will incur additional charges. Have a peek at our gallery for more images.

Please enquire for any details  or get a quote!


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Free Delivery

Free delivery within the city of Manchester (Minimum order £25) For all other locations please contact us for pricing