Silver Whisk Trivia

We believe in quality

We use the most ‘premium’ ingredients in our cakes, nothing but the very best!


Home made with love and care!

Even the raspberry jam in our vanilla sponge is home-made


NO preservatives, NO additives, NO stabilisers

.. and none of the ugly bad stuff. They taste best when eaten fresh.


Our cakes do not cost the earth!

We can customise your order to suit the budget.


Each & every cake receives the same level of detail, love and care

(no matter how big or small)


Transporting a precious cake isn’t easy!

So we deliver for FREE anywhere in the city of Manchester at specific timings, and for a small charge outside.


Cakes are not just for the eyes, they are for your taste-buds too

We prefer not to add non-edible decorations to our cakes (unless you desire, of course! :D )


Here’s the secret of our soft fluffy cakes ;-)

We buy ‘fresh’ free-range eggs each time, for each & every cake! We never buy eggs in bulk.


100% Vegetarian

No animal fats, no alcohol is used in any of our cake ingredients


Chiffon cakes are not the same as sponge cakes!

Our fresh-cream fresh-fruit filled chiffon cakes are much softer, lighter and melt in the mouth.Ooh nice..


Finest, REAL chocolate!

Our delicious chocolate cakes are made with real chocolate. (Not just cocoa powder)


Fresh, locally sourced Strawberries!

Our strawberry sponge and strawberry buttercream is made with fresh locally sourced strawberries (not nasty artificial flavourings)


We use Swiss buttercream, which is much lighter, less sweet and tastier!

Thankfully, not that heavy, fatty, sugar-butter mixture..


Fruit..Fruit..More Fruit!

Our fresh-cream, fresh fruit chiffon cakes have pineapples and peaches in each of its 4 layers.


We request a notice of at least 10 days for celebration cakes

We can make cakes at shorter notices but please book in advance to avoid disappointment!


We employ stringent Hygiene and Safety procedures while making our products!

We are a Manchester city council registered Business and have a HEALTH AND HYGIENE certificate.